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Table 3 shows the differences.


Packaging differences for the newest motor driver ICs 6 7 Target automotive applications include those in emission systems identified earlier as well as brushed DC motor requirements in body electronics and other vehicle systems as shown in Table 4. Windshield wipers, seatbelt retractors, active grill shutters, convertible top, tailgate, seating, mirrors Addressing Automotive Application Issues The HB and HB motor driver ICs have several built-in features and a few rather straightforward design tips can simplify their use in automotive applications and address previously identified issues of avalanche breakdown protection, ripple reduction, NXP HB2000 Evaluation battery protection, switching noise reduction.

Voltage variations and battery disconnect are among the unique automotive operating conditions that must be addressed for any integrated circuit. NXP HB2000 Evaluation power is interrupted to the power pin input to the HB and HB H-bridge motor driver, the disabled over-voltage protection could cause an unclamped inductive discharge. To prevent electrical overstress of the output drivers, the should not exceed 40 V during this transient condition.


C1 ESR C2 0. Avalanche breakdown protection implementation and ripple reduction. Typically, both a capacitor and an MOV are used, since the capacitor helps reduce the ripple in the NXP HB2000 Evaluation voltage.

The low ESR, high-capacitance capacitor should be selected for the NXP HB2000 Evaluation frequency to reduce the ripple in the system voltage generated while switching. To do this, the user needs to identify the maximum acceptable ripple allowed in the system voltage line.

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In those situations, an external, reverse-polarity FET may be used instead of the reverse protection diode to reduce the voltage drop from battery to NXP HB2000 Evaluation and provide reverse battery protection as shown in Figure 5. A capacitor on each output helps reduce noise by reducing voltage peaks. Figure 6 shows the impact of the capacitor on the output voltage OUTX.


The current from the CFB pin can be converted to voltage using a shunt resistor whose value is based on following parameters: Shown in Figure 8, the EVM for the motor driver ICs has a complete manual and software to simplify system design and reduce time-to-market. Freedom development platform Support from a range of NXP and third-party development software with full access to online SDK, tools and reusable code means no downloads, installations or licenses. Towards More Sophisticated Motor Designs NXP HB2000 Evaluation on already stringent requirements compared to a decade or so ago, existing and future regulations for reduced emissions and higher efficiency in automobiles will dictate innovative design changes.

  • H-Bridge Motor Driver NXP Community
  • Brushed DC motor drivers for functionally safe vehicle electrification
  • Using the FRDM-HBEVM evaluation board with NXP Community
  • Brushed DC motor drivers for functionally safe vehicle electrification
  • H-Bridge Motor Driver
  • Attachments
  • Using the FRDM-HB2000-EVM evaluation board with a function generator

Motors promise to be a significant means to provide many innovations and improve automotive control systems. With simpler design and lower cost, brushed DC motors with H-bridge controls will continue to play a significant role in solving NXP HB2000 Evaluation issues in emissions, ADAS and other vehicle systems.

NXP Semiconductors FRDM-HB2001FEVM User Manual

Motor driver NXP HB2000 Evaluation that address automotive operating issues and provide significant advances, such NXP HB2000 Evaluation leadingedge accuracy current mirrors and lowest in class on-resistance found in NXP s HB and HB, will simplify these innovative design changes. The motor drivers monitor temperature, self-regulate device thermal operation and provide safeguards against device and motor damage. With enablement tools including evaluation boards and system software, system designers will have greater freedom to pursue and achieve goals that seem beyond reach today.

And, just as regulations get tougher and tougher, the product and enablement roadmap for motor driver ICs promises to address these challenges in the future. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners NXP B.

H-Bridge Motor Drivers Address Automotive Emissions and ADAS Challenges

System safety integration is made much easier using solutions like the HB and HB that are designed using ISO certified methodologies and include NXP HB2000 Evaluation diagnostic reporting and safety features. This allows advanced system-level diagnostics and closed loop motor control.

Design configurability is available, through SPI control for different loads and EMI conditions, with four current limit and eight slew rate settings. Several different applications can be addressed with a single software NXP HB2000 Evaluation saving development time and investment.

H-Bridge Motor Drivers Address Automotive Emissions and ADAS Challenges - PDF

The companion software driver embedded component for the Processor Expert and Kinetis Expert enablement tools will be available for download in late April. Many NXP analog products meet critical industrial market requirements, including operation across extended temperature ranges. These products are designed and manufactured with rigorous process controls and qualified using industry standard methodologies designed to yield defect rates in line with the stringent requirements of the automotive and NXP HB2000 Evaluation markets. This software solution built on SDK provides high-level support for the SPI H-Bridge boards based on MC33HB and MC33HB NXP provides the enclosed product(s) under the following conditions: This evaluation kit is intended for use of ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT OR.

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