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Located toward the rear of the hinged drive cage, this riser slides into a special slot and is held in place with a quick-release lever. The dual processor riser has its own heat sink and cooling fan, and also includes three more memory sockets. So, the second of the two 3. While 1GB modules are certainly less expensive, they limit future expansion because only three memory sockets remain unpopulated.

While this arrangement improves performance, it puts data more at risk—the failure of either drive would result in complete data loss. Hidden beneath the hinged drive cage and the dual processor riser is a Dell motherboard based on an Intel chipset, with a total of six expansion slots: There are also three more USB connections on the motherboard. In addition, it is a Dell Precision T5500 Seagate ST31000524AS board, blocking access to the adjacent PCIe slot.

In spite of two large fans behind the front panel—one on the dual processor riser assembly, one in the power supply—and yet another on the graphics board, the Precision T was virtually silent after startup. But when we ran our AutoCAD rendering test, which clearly shows the benefits of multiple cores, the results were nothing short of spectacular.

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With hyper-threading enabled, giving the equivalent of 24 processor cores, the Dell Precision T completed our presentation quality rendering in just 28 seconds. One 9-pin serial, one pin parallel, eight USB 2. Pro support with 24x7x service is available.


Get everything to work before starting with any additional plugins. The reason I suggest a new hard drive is that you can always go back to your existing hard drive if you like. If a new hard drive is not your preference, then back up your system and reformat the hard drive to start from scratch as above.

It is a good way to make sure that you didn't mess something up and start with a good installation. I actually do this once in a while to make sure my system is clean. It may sound obsessive-compulsive but several of us do this from time to time. I'm very Dell Precision T5500 Seagate ST31000524AS that you take the time to help me. I have now reverted to a slightly earlier state of my system, and I've repair-installed pro tools and reinstalled most of my plug-ins.


Things are not problem free. Several appcrash situations, not uncommon to have pro tools exit weirdly just when I'm quitting anyway, which is ok I guess but worries me. And I also got a "Fatal Error.

Internă hard disk-uri

The audio folder of this session contains four files markes as audio with very weird letter combination Dell Precision T5500 Seagate ST31000524AS eg. Xpand2 and EZdrummer in a smallish session ended in Pro tools terminating. Slightly later, mixing another smallish session - admittedly with two UAD plugs from my UAD-2 card, but still - gave me "pro tools unable to backuo your session" and then "critically low on memory" and "access violation" etc.

I wonder if any of the above would help support one assumption rather than another? I could ask my vendor to send me some ram just to check, and if it does Dell Precision T5500 Seagate ST31000524AS, he'll pay, if it does not then I'll have bought myself a spare bit of useless ram, but it does not cost very much, so Or does this look more like I've messed stuff up myself? What you suggest sounds good but I'm not sure if I'm capable of it. My main problem is that I don't actually know how to set up windows from scratch on my own. I have two 1T hard drives that were too slow for audio.

Preformance Recommendations (processor and video recommendations)?

They contain all my files such as these were 1 month back or so, system and all. Seagate Barracuda Precision T Precision Windows based firmware update for STAS/STAS/STAS: 1. Seagate Barracuda STAS Firmware Update Precision T Precision Windows based firmware update for STAS: 1.

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