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Take note of where thermal pads are installed on the new card. Remove the Clevo heatsink by removing the four screws that hold it on and gently pull it off the GPU core.

Clean off the GPU core with a few Q-tip swabs until clean. Remove the annoying heat spreader by using only thumb nail pressure against the parts of the spreader that come through the screw MSI GT70 2OD Legacy toward the top of the card.

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Press them until they are pushed back through the hole to about even with the MSI GT70 2OD Legacy one at time spreader will not come off yet. This takes about 5 minutes. Install your new GTX M by gently pushing the card into the GPU slot at a slight angel and once in all the way into the slot the card will easily sit down in line with the screw hole that holds the GPU in place. Replace the screw that holds the GPU in place and fasten tightly. Optional - gently place the modified original heatsink onto the card and carefully observe that the heatsink isn't hitting Anything when it's sitting in the right place on the GPU.


Notice that it's a pretty tight fit so be careful and remove the heatsink for the next step. Apply quality thermal paste to the entire GPU core. It is not necessary to have a thick coating and in fact putting too much thermal paste can be very detrimental. Just make sure the GPU core is entirely covered and you can smooth it out a bit with a Q-tip MSI GT70 2OD Legacy.

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Apply Thermal pads where necessary to guarantee contact of the MSI GT70 2OD Legacy chips with the heatsink. You can look at Talon's first post to see what it looks like or you can follow the same pad placement that Clevo used. Gently install the modified heatsink taking care to align the four install screws without dragging anything across the newly applied thermal paste and thermal pads.

Screw the heatsink down in order see numbers right on the heatsink. It should be screwed down tight.

Unlocked BIOS w8_EIMSX for MSI GT70 - Amicuk Programming Answers

Optional - if you had removed the CPU heatsink you will need to follow the same process but with three screws and again make sure that you applied MSI GT70 2OD Legacy thin layer of thermal compound to the entire core. Plug in the fan, set it in the proper place it sits easily and replace the one screw that holds it down. Replace the 6 screws to install the back plate. Replace the notebook battery.

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Boot up and Nvidia driver install The next steps may vary depending on whether you are MSI GT70 2OD Legacy with the previous steps and dependent on the version of Windows you have. For this install we will assume Windows 8. If your machine boots to windows you can immediately tell if it's using your card by looking at the power button light orange if using Nvidia and blue if using Intel graphics.

At this point your machine will either install the proper drivers since we never actually uninstalled the Nvidia drivers you already had on the machine or you will likely need to install Nvidia drivers. Check to see if the Nvidia Geforce experience is running in the taskbar. If it is then your drivers installed and you can check Device Manager to see if it's properly recognizing your new card and the Integrated Intel graphics as well. If drivers were not installed automatically then Download the latest nvidia drivers and "Try" to install them. It may fail but it will at least create the MSI GT70 2OD Legacy we will need for the next step.


If the driver install fails create an inf file based on the post here The name in that post is actually wrong Driver folder which is 5 levels deep from c: Disable driver signing which is easy and in win 8. After your machine reboots you can browse to setup which is 4 levels deep from c: CSM option MSI GT70 2OD Legacy visible. Just as a clarification: I created the USB recovery. I've got a GT70 2PC notebook with Win7 64bits installed, and I want to i was updating the BIOS of my laptop msi gt70 2odus (dragon  GTOD BIOS and may need blind-flash - MSI Forum. The Official MSI GTOD Owner's Lounge MSI GT70 2OD Legacy legacy mode, I do see all of the drives on my laptop, but under UEFI mode, it only shows 1  upgrading msi gt70 to new mxm b / Page 9.

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