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The Ts is sold as both a thinner, lighter variant of the standard-size T and as a successor to the Ts with an AccuType keyboard. We find out in this review what sacrifices, if any, had been made in order to offer the overall smaller package.


Ever since its IBM days, the ThinkPad T Series has been instantly recognizable as the standard tough-as-nails solution for office and business workers. The series has remained relatively consistent across every iteration so users can typically expect above average longevity and durability from even an older generation ThinkPad T model. The downside and most common complaint about the excellent strength of the T models, however, have always been size and weight, especially when compared to competing Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Ericsson WWAN. In this review, we will take a closer look at the ThinkPad Ts, otherwise known as the slimmed down version of the recently released ThinkPad T Like its heavier brother, the Ts includes Ivy Bridge options up to a 2.

We find out in this review if paying more for less is the better deal.

Case T top vs. Ts bottom T vs. Ts back-to-back The encompassing matte design and style of the ThinkPad T Series change very little year-to-year and the models continue the trend. In fact, not much has changed from the previous Sandy Bridge Ts Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Ericsson WWAN terms of construction work. The secure latches, smooth magnesium alloy base, gray hinges, thick lid and black tones are all signature qualities of the ThinkPad and are all present in full force.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon X W 3G WWAN Card Ericsson HGW 60Y -

The base is quite good at hiding fingerprints, though grease on the lid and keyboard are more visible and harder to clean off. Thickness upfront appears thinner than the thickness from the rear, but this is mostly due to the Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Ericsson WWAN elevated rubber footing on the back. Regardless, the Ts officially averages This also directly influences the weight: Users, especially constant travelers, will absolutely feel the weight discrepancies. The thinner profile may worry some users about reduced robustness, but we can safely say that the Ts is about as resilient as any standard-sized T model.

Side-to-side twisting of the base is negligible and the lid only minimal. The center of the lid and keyboard are very resistant to pressure as expected from a ThinkPad unit and vibrations from typing or high volume are almost non-existent. The hinges appear somewhat weak at first glance due to their small size, but they are stable nonetheless all the way up to the degree angle.

There is, Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Ericsson WWAN, slight visible warping when pressure is applied to the palm rest areas of the base and at certain areas underneath where the chassis can feel somewhat thinner. Though only very minor complaints, the Ts is in general slightly less stiff than its larger and loftier variant. Connectivity Downsizing a notebooks often results in reduced connectivity features, but the Ts fortunately offers all the features of the beefier T minus one port — a USB 2. The Ultrabay can accept specialized optical drives, secondary batteries and hard drives on the fly for added versatility.

Lenovo 04W Ericsson H GW 3g WWAN Card eBay

Only two ports are located on the left hand side while the rest are about evenly spaced on Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Ericsson WWAN rear. A SIM card slot is safely hidden behind the battery compartment if needed, so users under major cell phone carriers in the U. Because of the location of the slot, the primary battery must first be removed every time physical access to the SIM slot is needed. Accessories ThinkPads usually have several first-party accessories, especially the T models.

Review Lenovo ThinkPad T430s Notebook

Thankfully, the Ts preserves its dock connector for mini docks as does the larger T and previous Ts, meaning it should be compatible with the same docking stations such as the Mini Dock and Mini Dock Plus with additional USB 3. As stated above, the Ultrabay adds another layer of customizability depending on the need of the user. The s has a handful of options whether on the desk or on-the-go, which is something we expect no less from a Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Ericsson WWAN ThinkPad.

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Warranty Warranty for ThinkPads is as extensive as their accessories with multiple levels and options. The usual 1-year basic coverage applies to all new orders, but users can expand it to include accidental damage protection with onsite next business Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Ericsson WWAN tech assistance or extend it up to 4 years.

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A battery replacement plan is also available should a replacement be desired. Indeed, the keyboard on the Ts has changed drastically from its Ts predecessor. The AccuType keyboard Construction quality has fortunately not suffered from the jump to the new layout, but typing quality will certainly feel different. The keys are a bit softer this time around with less of a solid feedback and in turn are noticeably quieter while typing compared to the previous model. Touchpad In contrast to the keyboard, the touchpad has remained relatively unscathed as only the concave style of the upper click keys has been altered. Ericsson Hgw/Fgw Mobile Broadband Driver for Windows 7 (bit, bit), XP This package installs the software (Wireless WAN driver) Lenovo ThinkPad T530 Ericsson WWAN enable the ThinkPad T, Ti; ThinkPad W; ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Type 34xx).

I have a T and plan on buying a wwan card. Lenovo support site says that Ericsson Hgw half size is compatible (link here), but I am  Solved: Replacing mSATA drive with a wwan card in T

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