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EnGenius EOR7550 User Manual: Universal repeater (ap)

With n EnGenius EOR7550 Repeater, EOR offers bandwidth up to Mbps to accommodate heavy traffic services such as multimedia streaming. Furthermore, friendly security management user interface reduces configuration complexity. Primary 1 st BSSID for normal setting follow this router s main default setting for security setting. System Requirement The following are the minimum system requirements in order configure the device.

Operating system that supports HTTP web browser 1. Applications EOR provides 18 operation modes for different applications in different environment. The following list describes some of the many applications made possible through the power and flexibility of EnGenius EOR7550 Repeater LANs: Difficult to wire environments There are many situations where wires cannot be laid easily. Historic buildings, older buildings, open areas and across busy streets make the installation of LANs either impossible or very expensive. Temporary workgroups Consider situations in parks, athletic arenas, exhibition centers, disaster recovery, temporary offices and construction sites where one wants a temporary WLAN established and removed.

Frequently changed environments Show rooms, meeting rooms, retail stores, and manufacturing sites where frequently rearrange the workplace.


Wireless extensions to Ethernet networks Network managers in dynamic environments can minimize the overhead caused by moves, extensions to networks, and other changes with wireless LANs. Wired LAN backup Network managers implement wireless LANs to provide backup for mission critical applications running on wired networks. Modes EOR provides 2 separate radio channels for EnGenius EOR7550 Repeater service area. Each of these 2 radio channels can be configured as different function mode separately. The device allows you EnGenius EOR7550 Repeater configure into different modes for different purposes in your network infrastructure. Each of these modes will have different setting.


You are allowed to configure your radio channel freely with the following combination. The device connection map can refer to EnGenius EOR7550 Repeater. This capability is critical in providing a seamless experience for roaming clients and for managing multiple wireless networks WDS Repeater WDS Wireless Distribution System Repeater is not only an extended device, but also provides a wireless application for other wireless clients Universal Repeater AP Repeater is used to regenerate or replicate signals that are weakened or distorted by transmission over long distances and through areas with high levels of electromagnetic interference EMI. This is usually configured with Universal Repeater AP on another channel. Understanding the Hardware 3.

Place the unit in an appropriate location after conducting a site survey. Insert the DC inlet of the power EnGenius EOR7550 Repeater into the 48V port of the PoE injector and the other end into the power socket on the wall. This diagram depicts the hardware configuration 3. You will then see the following screen. Ensure that the IP address and subnet mask are on the same subnet as the device.

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System Operation Mode You are allowed to configure your device into different modes for different purposes Please see Chapter 2. To start configuration, press Reset to purge the default setting. All 3 drop down fields will be reset for new configuration.

Refers to table in Chapter 2 for further configuration. Wireless EOR provides 2 separate Radio Channel which allows you configuring your device into different separate modes. Configure the device EnGenius EOR7550 Repeater different wireless modes. EnGenius EOR7550 Repeater will vary based on selected Band. Packets over the specified size will be fragmented in order to improve performance on noisy networks. The wait time for an ACK signal to time out.

Beacons are packets sent by a wireless Access Point to synchronize wireless devices. Specify a Beacon Interval value between 25 and The default value is set to milliseconds.

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phone,3G, n,telephony,mesh,bridge,repeater,wifi router,ip router,ap router With n support, EOR offers bandwidth up to Mbps to. EOR Dual Radio Multi-Function Repeater.

User's Manual. V Wireless Distributed System (WDS) Supporting WDS to bridge repeater. Networking.

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