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Being present, as well as being able to take an electrical measurement while the problem exists, are the two biggest challenges in Fluke 289 Multimeter down an intermittent. There are a number of test tools that can help make the intermittent troubleshooting process a little easier. These tools range from complex signal analyzers and storage oscilloscopes to handheld digital multimeters DMM.

Fluke 289 Multimeter course, you may not have these tools available or the location of the problem makes it difficult to bring a large analyzer to the problem site. A DMM may be able to tell you a lot about an intermittent without having to go back to the shop and haul that storage scope to the job site.

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DMM features for hunting intermittents Couple the basic measurement features of a DMM ac volts, dc volts and resistance with some form of measurement recording ability, and you have a tool for detecting the symptoms of intermittents. Not too long ago, you could buy a voltage or current measuring tool that was built around a mechanical strip chart recorder. Just place the input on a voltage, or clamp a current transformer around a conductor and the recorder would make progressive marks on a strip of paper fed under the marking pen. The maximum length of the recording was determined by the amount of paper that could be placed on a roll of paper. Just like the strip chart recorder, the DMM takes a reading of the input at regular intervals. But instead of saving each reading, it compares the reading to two previously stored values to determine if it is higher than previous highest reading or lower than the Fluke 289 Multimeter lowest reading.


If it is, the new reading replaces the old value stored in high or low reading register. After allowing the recording process to continue for a period of time, you Fluke 289 Multimeter recall these registers to the display and Fluke 289 Multimeter the highest and lowest reading taken during the recording time. As an added bonus, these DMMs will also compute and store the average value of all readings taken during a given time period.

Do not remove the test leads from the circuit being measured until you have either pressed the HOLD button to stop the recording, or looked at and documented all the stored values. Removing the leads while recording will result in the DMM processing the values present on the disconnected leads and affect the AVERAGE value and possibly the lowest or highest stored values taken during the time the leads were connected to the circuit. However, the voltage rating is only part of the story. Engineers who analyze multimeter safety often discover Fluke 289 Multimeter failed Fluke 289 Multimeter were subjected to a much higher voltage than the user thought was being measured.

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This can occur when a meter, rated for low voltage V or lessis inadvertently used to measure medium voltage. Or, it can result from a momentary high voltage spike or Fluke 289 Multimeter that hits the multimeter input without warning.

Your safety depends on the safety margin built into your meter. And that safety margin is based on several specifications beyond just the voltage rating alone.


A manufacturer can self-certify that its meter is at a certain CAT level without any independent verification. Not only can you instantly view recorded results from a logging session which could be up to hours longallowing for instant analysis of any unusual events without the need for a pc, but multiple recording sessions can be completed without a computer. In addition to being able Fluke 289 Multimeter view trend information right on your screen, a cursor is available to highlight a specific event including event details ; Fluke 289 Multimeter can also ZOOM in for a closer look at the data.

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You can either save any recording session via the Fluke 289 Multimeter save button, or "auto" save to the next available empty memory. Once saved, select "Trend" and the graphical trend plot display will be drawn on the screen for a quick visual analysis of the recording session.

If there are multiple events displayed in the session, the ZOOM function can be utilized to look at the specific event of interest. Solve complex problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution & electro-mechanical equipment with Fluke Fluke 289 Multimeter data logging multimeter. FLUKE /FVF TRUE RMS INDUSTRIAL MULTIMETER FLUKEVIEW FORMS COMBO KIT. Maximize productivity with the combined Fluke and FlukeView® Forms Combo Kit. Fluke FVF Digital Multimeter Kit FVF **New in Box** - MSRP

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