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The Upon Event scheduling option includes trigger choices such as user login, logoff, system shutdown, restart, or startup. You can also set the program to shut down your computer when the backup completes. Note that Acronis True Image integrates with the File Explorer, so you can right-click to add files to your backup or generate sharing links. Archive and Sync Acronis' Archive tab analyzes your folders for unnecessary files and offloads them to an external drive or cloud storage. You can set it to run through your files automatically or select files individually. Additionally, like the Backup tab, it lets you encrypt said data or choose which data center to Acronis Backup Archive Explorer.

Acronis True Image Backup Archive Explorer - windows driver

These archives are accessible via the File Explorer or through the web interface. There's also Sync, which keeps a folder accessible and up-to-date across devices.


From the desktop application, the Sync tab lets you create a default folder to use with cloud storage or just between a few chosen computers, with the option to add cloud syncing later. The files and folders are also accessible from the web interface as well as from mobile apps. Sync worked as advertised in our testing, but it doesn't save multiple file versions. Recovering Your Files Acronis True Image provides simple restore options for each one of the backup tasks you set up. You just select a backup task, navigate to the Restore tab, pick some or all of those files with point-in-time recovery options available via a dropdown menuand then hit Continue.

From the Advanced Settings tab, you can instruct Acronis Acronis Backup Archive Explorer restart your computer after the restore completes, overwrite existing files on your local drive, and control the task's priority for computer resources. Acronis keeps Acronis Backup Archive Explorer respectable 20 versions of files for up to six months, but SOS Online Backup retains unlimited versions forever.

Acronis Backup Archive Explorer Drivers

IDrive keeps the last 30 versions of files, but it does so forever. Restoring a full hard drive with Acronis is just as simple, though Acronis Backup Archive Explorer process obviously takes longer. It's sort of like Windows's System Restore feature, except your recovery data is in the cloud.

You can recover files via the web client, too. Acronis Backup Archive Explorer, the software doesn't show an expanded file tree view of your folders. Instead, you have to navigate down through each level of your hard drive folder structure to get to the desired file. This can be a slow process.


After you select a folder to restore, Acronis sends you a ZIP archive, as is standard. Web and Sharing Acronis' web presence offers impressive capabilities and looks great.

However, it is a bit cumbersome to navigate capabilities are spread out across several different interfacesand some features did not work in our testing. When you sign in to your account online, the first page you see is your Acronis Account Page, where you can manage your product subscriptions, edit your personal info, control email subscription settings, and access support options. Notably, Acronis True Image does not support two-factor authentication for account sign-ins—something we'd prefer to see as an extra security measure. To actually dive into the web Acronis Backup Archive Explorer, you need to hit the Dashboard button in the Product section.

The dashboard opens in a new tab called Acronis Data Cloud. The Resources tab Acronis Backup Archive Explorer the left allows you to set up and run backup processes remotely. This is an impressive capability, but browsing for files to include in the backup was a very slow process at least for the first time and occasionally our device appeared to be offline, even though it was actively running the Acronis software and connected to the internet.

We weren't able to actually complete the backup process from the web the Starting Backup task never endedwhich is disappointing. IDrive and BigMind offer similar functionality. If Acronis Backup Archive Explorer click on any of the sidebar items Backups, Archives, or SyncsAcronis opens yet another new tab, with access to those collections.

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Aside from browsing these repositories, you can also share files from this section by hitting the gear icon, and then the Copy URL option. Shares appear in the Sharing section in the top menu and you can cancel sharing at any time. Note that all these links are public, and Acronis does not offer the option to password-protect files the way SpiderOak ONE does. Alternatively, you can share a file from the desktop via the right-click context menu from Windows File Explorer. Acronis Active Protection One reason you might want to back up your computer is in case ransomware Acronis Backup Archive Explorer it inaccessible.

However, the last Acronis Backup Archive Explorer you want is to back up the ransomware itself.

What is"Acronis True Image Backup Archive Explorer" in Device Manager. Wilders Security Forums

Acronis' Active Protection uses heuristic rules to monitor suspicious behavior occurring with all of your files, not just those in your backup set. This latest Acronis Backup Archive Explorer includes protection against cryptomining threats. Typically, these attacks see intruders redirect your computer's resources to mine cryptocurrencies for their own gain.


Acronis spun this functionality off into a standalone product, called Acronis Acronis Backup Archive Explorer Protectionwhich we tested using a third-party ransomware simulator. When that application appeared to be encrypting files, Acronis' Active Protection popped up a warning box offering to block the action.

Why do I have in my drivers folder? - Microsoft Community

After we clicked on Block, another dialog asked if we wanted to restore files that the ransomware simulator had managed to encrypt. Acronis did indeed recover Acronis Backup Archive Explorer files—we could tell because they were images that displayed correctly. Depending on the product that you use, this component may be called Acronis Backup Archive Explorer or Acronis True Image Backup Archive Explorer. After using this product for months, and thinking it was doing what it was supposed to do, tonight I found a corrupted file that needed replacing.

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