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Always keep the strong magnetic or electrical objects away from the equipment. When installing the coaxial cable to the TV Tuner, it is necessary to ensure that the metal shield is reliable connected to protective earthing system of the building. This brand-new exquisite notebook will give you a delightful and professional experience in using notebook. We are proud to tell our users that MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Radio Switch notebook is thoroughly tested and certified by our reputation for unsurpassed dependability and customer satisfaction.

It is recommended to read this manual carefully before using this notebook. Chapter 1, Preface, gives users the basic safety information and caution that is interrelated to using this MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Radio Switch. It is recommended to read these information or caution when using this notebook for the first time. Chapter 2, Introductions, includes the descriptions of all the accessories of this notebook. It is recommended to check out that if you have all the accessories included when you open the packing box. If any of these accessories is damaged or missing, please contact the vendor where you purchased this notebook.

Also, this chapter provides the specification of this notebook, and introduces the function buttons, quick launch buttons, connectors, LEDs and externals of this notebook. Chapter 3, Getting Started, gives the basic operation instructions on using keyboard, touchpad, hard disk drive, and optical storage drive.


Beside, the steps of installing and uninstalling the battery; and the procedures of connecting the various external devices, communication devices, and so on, are also provided to help users getting familiar with this notebook. If any item contained is damaged or missing, please contact your local dealer immediately. Also, keep the box and The MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Radio Switch should contain the following items: It will help you to know more about the appearance of this notebook before using it. Please be aware that the notebook shown in this section may vary from the actual one that users purchased. Top-open View The figure of top-open view and description shown below will lead you to browse the main operating area of your notebook.

The figures shown here are for reference only.

Internal Microphone This is the built-in microphone and its function is the same with microphone. Soundbar Speakers Give high quality sound blaster with stereo system and Hi-Fi function supported. LED goes off when the notebook is turned off Keyboard The built-in keyboard provides all the functions of a full-sized keyboard. Quick Launch [Fn] Keys Use the [Fn] keys on the keyboard to activate the specific applications or tools. With the help of these keys, users will be able to do work more efficiently.

MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Windows 8.1 64bit drivers

The following keys will only be functional in the Operating System with the SCM application installed. Once the setting has been made, use Dragon Gaming Center or User Defined optional Fn and F4 buttons to launch the appointed application. If users left this button undefined, use Fn and F4 buttons will again bring up the tag of [Instant Play: This setting can also be adjusted in the Dragon Gaming Center.

Touchpad This is the pointing device of the notebook. Continuously blinking amber if the battery fails and it is recommended MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Radio Switch replace a new battery. Functions listed above may be optionally supported depending on the model users purchased. Caps Lock Glowing white when the Caps Lock function is activated. Num Lock Glowing white when the Num Lock function is activated. Right Side View 1. Ventilator The ventilator is designed to cool the system. DO NOT block the ventilator for air circulation.


Kensington Lock This notebook provides a Kensington Lock hole, which allows users to secure the notebook in place with a key or some mechanical PIN device and attached through a rubberized metal cable. The end of the cable has a small loop which allows the whole cable to be looped around a permanent object, such as a heavy table or other similar equipment, thus securing the notebook in place. Card Reader The built-in card reader may support SD4. Contact the local dealer for further MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Radio Switch correct information and be noted that the supported memory cards may vary without notice. Battery Reset Hole If your computer system hangs, you can use a straightened paperclip to insert this hole and reset the notebook.

After resetting the computer system, please connect the AC power when first bootup the notebook. Audio Port Connectors Make high quality sound blaster with MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Radio Switch system and Hi-Fi function supported. Free Download MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Radio Switch Driver for Windows bit (Other Drivers & Tools). MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Intel Bluetooth Driver for MSI GS70 2QC Stealth Radio Switch Driver for Windows bit.

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