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The board will not POST if slot 2 is not populated.

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Use the following procedure to install DIMMs. Note that there is only one gap near the center of the DIMM slots.


This slot matches the slot on the DIMM to ensure the component is installed properly. Unlock a DIMM slot by pressing the module clip. Refer to the memory manufacturer specifications for the recommended memory timings. For overclocking support you can EVGA Z170 Classified ASMedia USB 3.1 our forums: Determine if it would be easier to make all the connections prior to this step or to secure the motherboard and then make all the connections. It is normally easier to secure the motherboard first. Be sure that the CPU fan assembly has enough clearance for the system case covers to lock into place and for the expansion cards.

Also make sure the CPU Fan assembly is aligned with the vents on the covers. This will depend on the system case being used. If there are standoffs that do not align with a mounting hole on the motherboard, it is recommended that you remove that standoff to prevent the possibility of a ground fault which will at very least cause the board to malfunction and may result in not powering on or a catastrophic failure.

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Carefully place the motherboard onto the standoffs located inside the chassis. Align the mounting holes with the standoffs. Ensure that the fan assembly is aligned with the chassis vents according to the fan assembly instruction.

Secure the motherboard with nine 9or ten 10 screws depending on the specific board in the series, less fasteners are needed on matx and mitx boards, please see pic on following page for locations of all standoff locations for this series of boards. EVGA Z170 Classified ASMedia USB 3.1 that each screw is EVGA Z170 Classified ASMedia USB 3.1 up with and screwing into the corresponding standoff under the board. Double check alignment to make sure nothing gets cross-threaded. See the picture below for a zoomed in view of a hole to use a standoff in as well as the locations of standoff holes for all boards in the Z series 19 Above, all locations are safe to secure the board to the chassis with a standoff and screw.

The upper left section of the picture is a zoomed in view of the hole you align with the standoffs. Make sure that the power supply cable and pins are properly aligned with the connector on the motherboard. Firmly plug the power supply cable into the connector and make sure it is secure. The pin Power Connector may be standard or right angled depending on your motherboard model.

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Align the pins to the connector and press firmly until seated. The secondary is optional for improved overclocking. Please ensure that the tab on the EPS socket is aligned with the release clip on the cable, because if they are on opposite sides, while it will be able to fit, it is the incorrect cable and WILL damage the board if powered on, as that is a PCIE 8-pin cable 22 Connecting Internal Headers Front Panel Header EVGA Z170 Classified ASMedia USB 3.1 front panel header on this motherboard is used to connect the following four cables. The Power LED indicates the system s status.

When the system is powered EVGA Z170 Classified ASMedia USB 3.1, the LED will be on. Pressing the power button on the front panel turns the system on and off rather than using the onboard button. Some system cases may not have all four cables. Be sure to match the name on the connectors to the corresponding pins 23 Fan Header This motherboard line only has 4-pin fan headers, which are backwards compatible with 3-pin, can be controlled by PWM or DC controls and has an absolute safe power limit of 1 12 Volts 12 Watts.


The motherboard also contains pin internal header connectors onboard that can be used to connect an optional external bracket containing up to 2 USB 3. Secure the bracket to either the front or rear panel of your chassis not all chassis are equipped with the front panel option.

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Connect the two ends of the cables to the USB 3. And it allows you to connect as many as 6 devices, daisy chained, through a single compact port. The EV Gauge gives you a physical gauge to view the speed your processor is running at.

These cables are the data interconnect for the motherboard. Don t forget that these devices will still need a separate power connection. The 6-pin PCIE connector present on the motherboard is there to provide additional power to the PCIE slots rather than pulling it all from the pin main power.

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These buttons allow for easy debugging and testing of the system during troubleshooting situations. It is very useful during troubleshooting situations.

When the System is powered on: This LED is on. When the Memory slot is functional: Intel Z Chipset - SLI – Up to 4 Way SLI - 2 USB8 USB2 USB - 4 DIMMs, dual channel DDR4, MHz+, up to 64GB. EVGA Z170 Classified ASMedia USB 3.1 internal headers (2 ports) from ASMedia Controller (ASM) The EVGA Z Classified Motherboard with the Intel Z and PCH Chipset. Figure . This motherboard contains USB, and ports that are exposed on the.

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