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AMD shares have been one of the most obvious victims of perceived weakness in the chip cycle, with guidance from the company reinforcing the sense established by MKSI and TXN the prior day.

What are the real problems for AMD? Speculative inflation of the stock price partially driven by the bitcoin mining bubble, the perception of a durable CPU shortage, and the perception of a persistent bear market in the semi space that got underway over the summer.

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. AMDfor a little background, bills itself as a semiconductor company worldwide.

Industrial AMD C-Series PC Laptops & Netbooks for sale eBay

Risk to the Upside? As noted above, the stock just dropped off a cliff following clearly rough Q4 guidance that acted as confirmation that this quarter is going to very challenging for semiconductor names.

The stock closed the week at The maximum TDP thermal design power is determined by how fast the chip runs, how many cores are active, and how the chip performs as it comes off the production line. While these new E and C-seires CPUs will compete with Atom AMD C-Series APU Graphics in many ways, they are in many ways not directly comparable. Performance should be quite high, too.

I told you there were a lot of code names! While Intel's Atom CPUs are "in-order" processors, the Bobcat core is an "out-of-order" processor core, as is the case with nearly all other modern laptop and desktop CPUs. Out-of-order processors tend to AMD C-Series APU Graphics more complex, but also much faster and more responsive in an modern multitasking operating system environment. Early benchmarks from test systems seem positive, showing that at least the E model handily beats the Intel's Atom CPUs at most processor intensive tasks, while the integrated graphics core is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else.


We'll have to reserve judgement for when we get hands-on with actual shipping notebooks using the AMD C-Series APU Graphics, but they seem to be a very promising development for AMD. Both the C-Series and E-Series have shown up in a plethora of portable computers, including HP's Pavilion dm1z which we favorably reviewed, noting laudable battery life, decent performance, and even the ability to run Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP Professional in virtual machines. See Pavilion story for links to other Fusion-based devices.

Most of the above vendors employed the dual-core E, which is clocked at 1. Acer, however, adopted the C, a dual-core version that runs at 1.

The integrated AMD Radeon HD graphics card offers 80 shaders and an UVD3 video Product Link (external), AMD C-Series C  Number of Cores / Threads‎: ‎2 / 2. AMD C-Series C notebook APU: latest AMD C-Series APU Graphics, detailed specifications, side by side comparison, FAQ, Integrated graphics, GPU Type: Radeon HD Integrated graphics‎: ‎GPU Type: Radeon HD 6.

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