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The process for making a finished customized tray begins with a preformed dental tray or flat sheet that may optionally be available in multiple sizes Archtek 56IMRS allow the selection of a size that generally conforms to the size of the person's teeth and mouth.

HP GCA برامج في سبيل Windows تحميل مجاني

Plasticizers or flow additives known in the thermoplastic art can be used as desired to modify the properties of the thermoplastic material used to form the preformed dental tray or sheet. Preformed trays and sheets made from ULDPE are preferred due to the unique ability of trays and sheets made therefrom to soften and yet maintain their physical integrity while in a softened state compared to previous tray or sheet materials such as EVA. Thus, ULDPE expands the operational window, both in terms of temperature and heating time, of manufacturing customized dental trays compared to previous tray materials.

In other words, preformed trays and sheets made from ULDPE are far less susceptible to over or under heating compared to trays or sheets made from EVA. Even though preformed trays and sheets made from ULDPE do not shrink or otherwise lose their physical integrity when heated as happens using trays or sheets made Archtek 56IMRS EVA, they do, in fact, shrink over and around and cling to the person's teeth or a stone cast of the person's teeth when cooling, which greatly simplifies and improves the ability of such trays or sheets to accurately conform to the person's teeth or stone cast.

These demonstrate the surprising and unexpected benefits of using preformed trays or sheets comprising ULDPE compared to trays materials considered at present to be the industry standard i. The walls of the preformed tray may be either parallel or flared, the latter providing a larger top opening than the width of the tray bottom.

The tray advantageously includes a handle, preferably attached at the front lower portion of the tray. The tray or sheet is advantageously designed and formulated so as Archtek 56IMRS soften when heated to a desired temperature above body temperature i. Upon heating to an appropriate temperature at or above its softening temperature, the tray or sheet becomes plastically deformable and moldable so that it can form an impression of the teeth or teeth and gums.


The tray Archtek 56IMRS process is done by immersing the preformed tray or sheet into hot water or by other exposing it to other suitable heating means known in the art e,g. A handle can be used to facilitate immersion of the tray in hot water or heating using other means while reducing the risk of burning one's fingers. Additional forming pressure can be applied by the person's tongue or by placing the patient's or dental practitioner's fingers against the outer surfaces of the tray.

HP G62-354CA برامج في سبيل Windows تحميل مجاني

Nevertheless, due to the aforementioned Archtek 56IMRS of preformed trays or sheets comprising ULDPE to shrink and cling against and around the person's teeth when they begin to cool, less mechanical force is needed to cause the trays or sheets to adequately and accurately conform to the person's teeth or a stone model compared to other tray materials known in the art. As the tray remains in the person's Archtek 56IMRS it begins to cool to body temperature.

After the customized tray has been formed and cooled sufficiently so that it is no longer plastically deformable, it is removed Archtek 56IMRS the person's mouth. The tray may be further cooled if desired, such as by placing the tray in cold water or by letting it air cool to room temperature. If additional shaping is needed, either immediately or later, the tray may be heated and customized as before. Once the customization process is Archtek 56IMRS, the detachable handle can be removed by e.

HP GCA برامج في سبيل Windows تحميل مجاني

The tray is preferably scalloped in around the interdental papilla in order to produce maximum customization and comfort. Nevertheless, the tray can be trimmed to cover a portion of the teeth, just the teeth, or to cover a portion of the gingiva in addition to the teeth, as desired. The customized trays formed in this manner are useful for tooth bleaching or Archtek 56IMRS dental treatments. In a preferred embodiment, the dental composition may include an appropriate tackifying agent in order to make it sticky and viscous.


In some cases, it may be desirable to incorporate reservoirs within the customized tray. Reservoirs can enhance treatment of the teeth or other tissue by holding additional treatment material adjacent to the dental tissue s being treated. The blockout material displaces the perform tray or sheet material away from the teeth by a distance corresponding to the thickness of the blockout material, which results in the creation of reservoirs within the customized tray. Whereas preformed trays and sheets are especially useful for manufacturing customized dental trays using a person's teeth, rather than a stone cast, as the template, it is certainly within the scope of the invention to vacuum form preformed trays or sheets made from ULDPE using a stone cast. An advantage of using preformed trays or sheets that comprise Archtek 56IMRS using conventional tray-making methods that employ a stone cast is that such trays or sheets, by virtue of their including ULDPE, can be made thinner than preformed trays or sheets using conventional tray-making materials.

In this way it is possible to manufacture final customized trays that are even thinner walled and more flexible than conventional trays. This is a surprising and unexpected result. Moreover, ULDPE is more transparent or translucent than conventional tray materials, which increases the ability to Archtek 56IMRS whether the dental composition is sufficiently well distributed so as to cover the desired tooth and or gingival surfaces.

This is yet another surprising and unexpected result of employing Archtek 56IMRS materials that comprise ULDPE. These and other features of the present invention will become more fully apparent from the following description and appended claims, or may be learned by the practice of the invention as set forth hereinafter.

Archtek 56UST Driver

It is appreciated that these drawings depict only typical embodiments of the invention and are therefore not to be considered limiting of its scope. The invention will be described and explained with additional specificity and detail through the use of the accompanying drawings in which: In another aspect, the invention relates to the use of preformed trays or sheets that comprise ULDPE in making customized dental trays, either using a person's teeth or a stone cast of the person's teeth as a template. The inventive dental trays can be used for any desired dental Archtek 56IMRS, such as tooth bleaching, fluoride treatments, and antimicrobial treatments.

Reference is now made to the drawings. The preformed tray 10 comprises a bottom wall 12 having a generally U-shaped configuration Archtek 56IMRS conforming to the shape of the person's dental arch.

The bottom wall 12 has a generally flat planar profile, although it could have other shapes if desired e. The preformed tray 10 further includes a front side wall 14 and a rear side wall 16 that, together with the bottom wall 12, form a tray 10 that is open at the top and that terminates at ends The bottom wall, front side wall, and rear side wall are each of substantially uniform thickness so Archtek 56IMRS to be devoid of indentations corresponding to a person's unique dentition. drivers instantly. Hundreds of Archtek device drivers available for Archtek 56IMRS.

03/03/05, Archtek 56IMRS V/K56flex External Topic, Win NT 03/03/05, Archtek. Click “Download Now” to get the Drivers Update Tool that comes with the Archtek 56IMRS V/K56flex driver. The utility will automatically determine the Archtek 56IMRS.

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