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In the case wherein multiple telephone lines are carried between two points, many wire pairs are thus required. In order to allow for carrying multiple telephone services over several copper pairs, a POTS multiplexer system is commonly used Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem known as DLC—digital Loop Carrier. Basically, the telephony signals are carried in digitized and multiplexed form over a cable comprising one or two wire pairs. Such a system is shown in FIG. The process is simultaneously applied in the telephone sets to PSTN direction, hence supporting full telephone service.

Commonly, such prior art systems do not provide any switching functionality, and are mainly used for carrying multiple telephone signals from one point to another remote point. As such, cabling 35 is required from each telephone set 17 to the relevant port of customer side unit The system 40 shown in FIG. Telephone sets 17 a, 17 b and 17 c are respectively coupled to mux units 41 a, 41 b and 41 c. Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem


In such a way, there is no need to route new Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem from each telephone set to a central place, but rather to a nearby mux unit In this technique, telephone signals are digitized and carried as data across the LAN. Such systems are known in the art, and an example of such a system 50 is shown in FIG.

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The LAN can be used to interconnect Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem not shown as well as other end-units, as well as IP telephone sets 54 a, 54 b and 54 c shown. In most cases, such a network allows also for data networking non-voice trafficsuch as computers and peripherals, and connection to the Internet.


A system 60 shown in FIG. The system 60 is identical to system 50, except for replacing the IP phones 54 b and 54 c with POTS telephone sets 17 a and 17 b. Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem order to enable the usage of these telephone sets 17 a and 17 b, respective VoIP MTAs 64 a and 64 b are added as the mediation devices between the analog telephony and the IP telephony. The combination of telephone set Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem connected to VoIP MTA 64 allows connection to an IP network, in the same manner that the IP telephone 54 is connected thereto, and providing similar functionality.

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EP to Harper teaches an example a network conforming to such a system. It is understood that any type of device having multiple network interfaces and supporting a Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem connectivity can be used, non-limiting examples of which include a shared hub, switch switched hubrouter, and gateway. In such a network, outlets 72 a, 72 b and 72 c are connected to the switch 71 via respective cables 73 a, 73 b and Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem c.

IP Telephone 54 a connects directly without VoIP MTA via a connection 74 c to the outlet 72 c, which connects to a port in the switch 71 via cable 73 c. Such a network allows for the telephones 17 a, 17 Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem and 54 a to interconnect and also to connect to the external PSTN Home Networks Implementing a network 70 in existing buildings typically requires installation of new wiring infrastructure Such installation of new wiring may be impractical, expensive and hassle-oriented. Some of these techniques use existing wiring used also for other purposes such as telephone, electricity, cable television, and so forth.

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Doing so offers the advantage of being able to install such systems and networks without the additional and often substantial Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem of installing separate wiring within the building. In order to facilitate multiple use of wiring within a building, specialized outlets are sometimes installed, which allow access to the wiring for multiple purposes. Some use Infrared as the communication medium, while others use radio frequency communication, such as IEEE An example of a network 60 in a house based on using powerline-based home network implementing network 53 is shown as network 80 in FIG.

The medium for networking is Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem in-house power lines 81, which are used for carrying both the mains power and the data communication signals. For the sake of simplicity, the power related functions are not shown in the Figure. PLCs 82 a, 82 b, 82 c, 82 d and 82 e are all connected to the powerline 81 via the respective power outlets 88 a, 88 b, 88 c, 88 d and 88 e, forming a local area network over the powerline allowing for data networking for the units connected thereto.

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The connection is commonly effected by a cord connected to a power outlet being part of the power line medium However, no additional and dedicated wiring is required. Another home network medium may be the telephone wiring.


It is often desirable to use existing telephone wiring simultaneously for both telephony and data networking. In this way, establishing a new local area network in a home or other building is simplified, because there is no need to install additional wiring.

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View Gateway E-100M Conexant Modem Gateway EM specs on CNET. Gateway EM (Core Duo) Specs. Review · Specs 1 x modem - phone line - RJ USB - 4 pin USB Type  Missing: Conexant. When it comes to the main strength of the Gateway EM and that you would expect: FirewireUSB ports, Wi-Fi, integrated modem,  Missing: Conexant.

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