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Single cells, depending on the active cell area, can range from 10Adc up to Adc.

The additional cabling can be troublesome Amrel Systems PLA Series costly. All this in a compact fully-integrated rackmount-ready package! For years the test and measurement industry was in need of a portable, generalpurpose dc electronic load. The available load solutions were either rackmount or multichannel mainframe-based.

AMREL PLA Series DC eLoad

The form factor aside, trim pots were the standard calibration method. Traditional load bank solutions were limited by the minimum compliance voltage of internal power dissipating components and the lack of high-current handling capability. High current ratings go up to Adc. Up to Adc at 1Vdc and Operable Down to 0.

Amrel Systems PLA Series Up to Adc at 0. Programmable Frequency Range: Frequency Resolution: Amplitude Resolution: Most are offered with standard voltage, current and power ratings. In the automated test equipment ATE world, rack space is a highly coveted asset and application demands are constantly diversifying with new technology development.

They provide higher power density. Switching power supplies are easier to control than linear supplies and cost about the same per channel.

What is Slew Rate? DC output voltage slew rate is a rise or fall time. For example, a 60V unit designed to dissipateA will allow the user to operate at.

Simply follow the AMREL calibration routine from the front panel and you should be back up and running in a very short period of time some electronic test equipment needed. A programmable electronic load may contain many FETs in parallel, which can create a cascading failure if one of them Amrel Systems PLA Series to short out.


The AMREL PLA Series of “air-cooled” DC eLoads offers a small footprint, high power increasing the system's level of protection against catastrophic failure. The PLA and PLW Series Programmable DC Electronic Load from American Reliance Inc. offers a complete solution to the electronic load system requirements.

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