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Conceptronic CH3WNAS

I can switch audio. I have set the PS3 to output i resolution, in it's setup, which it stays at for BR discs. Now when I rename the movie files to the normal 4 letter extension from.

It looks like when it thinks it is detecting a real disk AVCHD folder it switches to that disc's resolution,no matter what you set the output for?? B4tm4n 1st June If you use cropped videos the cropped part will be green, you Conceptronic CH3WNAS NAS Easy Search to use full x, x resolution videos. I'll split it, and watch it in 2 parts.

Product data-sheet Conceptronic CH3WNAS WiFi Võrkupääsu- ja varundusserverid (C)

Anybody found a way to remove the "gaps" when passing from one 4 Gb FAT32 compliant chunk to the next? THXs Digi 4th June I suppose trueHD are not supported in tsmuxer right?

I Conceptronic CH3WNAS NAS Easy Search use tsremux since tsmuxer is out Digi 1 - why use tsmuxer and tsremux? Digi 4th June The problem is if you try the same with a file that has TrueHD for audio and you wish to keep that audio the resulting split file will not play from an external hard drive into the PS3 you get Video no problem what you do not get is TrueHD audio it is not there. Do you still have those annoying breaks when passing from one file to the next?

Tsmuxer + AVCHD ME on External HD doesn't work for me [Archive] - Doom9's Forum

It tooks not longer to use tsMuxeR to create the Blue Ray structure with the video splitted into 4GB chunks than a normal copy which means it is very fast. But the current problem is that the switch between two chunks is not seamless and about 3s of the movie will get lost. I was told that video files coming from HD camcorder are played seamlessly. So Conceptronic CH3WNAS NAS Easy Search it is a problem of tsMuxeR but I have not found another way to create the necessary Blue Ray structure. Here you can find a tutorial: I have a question.

Firefly on Conceptronic CH3WNAS

I wonder if somehow someone had the utility that formats the PS3 internal hard drive sony proprietoryand used it on an external drive, then we connected that drive via USB to the PS3 and see if could be read? Well we can try it, why not install a new Conceptronic CH3WNAS NAS Easy Search in the PS3, have it format it, then remove it reinstall the old one,and then install this new formatted one in an external case and connect via USB. This method would allow greater than 4GB file size limit.

Mezzmo, a commercial home entertainment software package designed for Windows. PyMedS, a free Python based media server. Nero MediaHome 4, a commercial media server for Windows with realtime transcoding and live TV streaming functionality. Free Trial version is available. Carry Bag included, Subtitle Support, Forum support http: Can also be used as a media renderer. Explicitly advertised as PS3 and Xbox compatible.

Advertised as PS3 and Xbox compatible. The web-interface has nice provisions for Conceptronic CH3WNAS NAS Easy Search up. This is called 'scheduled downloads'. Not very intuitive, but after selecting 'folder' and clicking on 'local', the device does what it's expected to do: Unfortunately, the support for NTFS is very limited: I reformatted the drive to FAT32 and now the device is supported correctly.


A bit disappointing when you're used to Ubuntu and its out-of-the box ntfs-3g support, but I suppose the Linux-version on the device is a bit too old for NTFS or the resources are too limited? I Conceptronic CH3WNAS NAS Easy Search get the UPnP to work correctly from within Ubuntu.


There are a lot of tweaks out there: This package contains the files needed for installing the Conceptronic CH3WNAS NAS Easy Search Utility. If it has been installed, updating.

Wireless NAS Storage. 1 Conceptronic CH3WNAS Wireless Storage Server. 1 Installation CD containing the Easy Search utility and the User Manual (PDF.

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