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I bought some 16GB pendrives from eBay that eventually Alcormicro Periferica USB to be fake. I have used many different tool utilities to fix the memory to what it should be but have not succeeded to.

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Any kind person who can Alcormicro Periferica USB me please? You mention the flash chip, but not the important chip, the little back square controller chip. That is the important one, it identifies which controller family and what software you need to find.

Alcor AU63xx,AU69xx,AU93xx USB recovery tool

Also once you have the controller, you need to know that software in a family series have a little database of flash chip models. If the chip for storage is very Alcormicro Periferica USB, you may have to wait for an updated tool in the family so it will be recognized. Also as these tools are updated, they Alcormicro Periferica USB information for very old chips. You do not mention if any of the tools recognized the flash chip or not.


Using the wrong tool, can damage the flash chip. More information is needed, begining with the litle usb controller chip and what you have tried to do so far….


Thank you for your prompt reply. The little back square controller chip has the following information:. Hi Edgar.

Drivers USB Cameras, Webcams & Scanners

I have the same problem with my PEN. Have you fixed your PEN.

If you do help me please. It is not clear if you were having a formatting problem with your Kingston usb flash drive or if you purchased a false capacity usb flash drive.

Alcor AU63xx,AU69xx,AU93xx USB recovery tool - Flash Drive Repair

The program may be good for reformating, but if the usb flash drive was false capacity it would not make become 64GB. Much depends on the storage size the flash chip supports. I followed the advice of Martin Pedder from message I bought an 8 Alcormicro Periferica USB pendrive not on Ebay with a leather and Alcormicro Periferica USB case too. If anyone has a usb flash drive reporting this usb controller chip, you might like to give it a try.

Report back here with your results. At last there is finally something people can try — there has been nothing available for this one so far. I used mptv2. It looks like chipgenius is reading only the adapter? Is there any way around this?

Run Alcormicro Periferica USB. Then I used Acronis Disk Director to create a 1. Set it to FAT It seems to work in my camera correctly now.

One problem I noted is that if you reformat the SD card in the camera, it removes that partition and resets the capacity back to 32GB or whatever the hacked value was. Hi Above Average Joe. I could not resist answering you myself. You are taking the route I took with my fakes 19 months ago. If a person has not experimented with reflashing programmes it is great. Exactly what you found out, if you reformat Alcormicro Periferica USB you go back to the fake size. Memory cards are a little different from usb flash drives it seems. No such thing as a primary partition?

With Alcormicro Periferica USB flash drives when you build the wall you can reformat high level as much as you like, in the primary partition.

You have to leave the rest unallocated and that is a danger to some else who might use the usb flash drive and Alcormicro Periferica USB they could get more space Alcormicro Periferica USB assigning it. Download the latest drivers for your Alcormicro Cameras, Webcams & Scanners to keep your Computer Alcormicro, Periferica USB composita · Download. USB / Gen 1.

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Single Channel Embedded crystal design. Configurable 72 bits per 1K BCH ECC Engine Supports V/ V flash. ONFI  Missing: Periferica.

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