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Please Omega Catalyst that this is purely a discussion piece covering the main updates at this stage, as we have yet to do testing of our own with Catalyst Omega. Click to enlarge The headline news is that Catalyst Omega can bring about performance increases of up to 19 percent with discrete GPUs Omega Catalyst up to 29 percent with APUs, depending of course on the hardware and software in question.

Download AMD Catalyst Omega Graphics Driver for Windows 7 64 bit

However, there's much more to it than that. Click to enlarge Catalyst Omega brings with it some enhancements and additions to AMD's feature set for improving visual quality during video playback. It does this by computing and interpolating inferred frames rather than simply repeating existing ones, supposedly removing judder without sacrificing detail. Click to enlarge Contour Removal is an algorithm that affects compressed video formats by attempting to remove video artifacts, again without losing detail.

According to AMD, it shouldn't be limited by file type. Click to enlarge There are also some additions with regards to upscaling content. Omega Catalyst

Omega Catalyst For example, p Detail Enhancement, which unsurprisingly attempts to introduce higher detail levels to low resolution content when playing at p, is now available on AMD APUs 7x00 A-Series. Like Contour Removal, the various aspects of this feature e.

It combines FMB, Detail Enhancement and adaptive upscaling to make p content look better when played on a 4K display — it is enabled by default as part of the driver. FreeSync uses DisplayPort's industry standard adaptive sync technology to Omega Catalyst your monitor's refresh rate to the frame rate of your content as it changes to eliminate stutter and tearing. I haven't had much time with the drivers, so to get them Omega Catalyst on time for the NDA, I've limited this article to p testing only. I will release a future piece that will look at p and then 4K.

For now, we will be cranking everything up in p to see how these new Catalyst Omega drivers hold up, in synthetic benchmarks like 3DMark and Omega Catalyst, as well as our usual slew of gaming benchmarks. Synthetic Benchmarks These are staple benchmarks, Omega Catalyst let's see how the new Catalyst Omega drivers handle them. Let's see how we go.


We're going to be running 3DMark and Heaven at p, with everything cranked to maximum, including in-app anti-aliasing to its maximum Omega Catalyst. Let's see this Radeon R9 X get hot, shall we? The same thing can be said for Crossfire, where we see Omega Catalyst slight improvement in 3DMark using the new Omega suite.

Omega Drivers

A massive increase in the minimum FPS is provided with the new Omega drivers, but we did run this benchmark a few times to make sure these numbers were right. But we're using our usual run of benchmarks, which Omega Catalyst BioShock: This is what we want to see more of.


Virtually identical results, with slight increases to both the minimum and average frame rates on the new Omega drivers. The same can be said for Crossfire, Omega Catalyst.

AMD Catalyst Omega Performance Analysis with Radeon R9 290X at 1080p

But again, we're stalking a minimum of close to 84FPS on both Crossfire setups. We did find that the minimum FPS suffers greatly under Crossfire on Thief compared to the single card results - perplexing. The Omega drivers didn't like Sniper Elite 3 so much, with Omega Catalyst older revision of the drivers outperforming the new drivers by a decent margin on our single card setup. Omega Catalyst Crossfire setup didn't really help much at all, if anything, it tanked. The average FPS on the Again, not much of a change here on the new Omega drivers for the single R9 X.

AUDIOTRAK Prodigy 7.1 HiFiCatalyst 14.12 Desktop Downloads
Asrock SK83G FX83 V1.xAMD Launches Catalyst Omega Driver

The Omega drivers didn't treat Lara all that well, with the minimum and average frame rates sliding. We start seeing some improvements with the Omega drivers in BioShock Infinite, Omega Catalyst our minimum drops, but the average climbs from 98FPS to a swift AMD Catalyst™ Software Suite Version Omega This article provides information on the latest posting of the AMD Catalyst™ Software Suite, AMD Catalyst™. AMD Catalyst Omega Driver is licensed as freeware for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit operating system without restrictions. It is in graphic card.

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