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The grip is equipped to keep all of your fingers busy, with buttons on the back for the thumb, on the top for fingers and on the front for stretched out digits.

Used Hassleblad H5D 50 Medium Format Camera -

It is remarkable how much can be accessed without changing the way the camera is held Hasselblad H5D-60 Camera Body including the mirror lock-up, depth-of-field preview and the True Focus button. All adjustments of features and functions are dealt with efficiently by a pair of small but comfortable wheels under the thumb and forefinger. Further control is afforded by the screen on the digital back and the accompanying small, spongy buttons.

While 35mm-style DSLRs can host all their features on a rear screen, this screen only really allows us to alter white balance, image format Hasselblad H5D-60 Camera Body other issues relating directly to the operations of the back. The back is attached to the body alright, and the two communicate, but the two are not fully integrated. You can't adjust body functions via the back, so the real estate of that spacious rear screen is largely redundant when not being used to view what has just been captured. Working with a single AF point that is fixed in the middle of the frame is par for the course for a lot of medium-format shooters, but hardly ideal. True Focus makes a real difference if you're a 'focus lock and recompose' kind of a Hasselblad H5D-60 Camera Body.

It is very clever, and works very well most of the time. As with other large-bodied medium-format cameras, some caution needs to be exercised when working with the H5D hand-held.

Used Hasselblad H5D-60

Image quality I think most experienced medium-format photographers will be inclined to forgive some handling irritations for the sake of the image quality they're probably used to doing exactly that. And for me, the detail and dynamic range of the successful frames I shot with the H5Dc worked like some memory-obliterating drug, making me forget about how awkward the camera can - sometimes - be to use. They need a good deal of sharpening applied. Hasselblad seems to have set the processing in Phocus to prioritize noise reduction over detail, so images are less noisy than those shot on the Phase One IQ back and opened in Capture One Pro - but they need a good deal more sharpening to bring out textures in the subject matter.

When the same images are opened in Adobe Camera Raw the amount of noise from the two backs is much more comparable. Dynamic range is extensive, and the camera is capable Hasselblad H5D-60 Camera Body capturing a wider range of tones than the best full-frame DSLRs.


I found Hasselblad's color quite difficult to get used to, and in some cases it took a while to make it work. What follows is our preliminary impressions after a weekend of shooting.

Hasselblad H5d Medium Format DSLR Camera With 80mm F/ HC AF L eBay

Our primary test shoot was on location, unfortunately with a lot of the shoot taking place under contrasty noon sun. However, we felt a non-studio, high contrast shoot with a live subject would be a good platform for the wide dynamic range advertised by Hasselbad and the fast workflow that the system affords. A quick note, we tested the Hasselblad H5D alongside an Nikon D for comparison in terms of not only image quality but in the real-world use of the camera. Another note, we had but one Hasselblad lens to use Hasselblad H5D-60 Camera Body our test. Body, Double As with most medium-format digital system, Hasselblad H5D-60 Camera Body H5D is comprised of a body and removable digital back. The combined front and back do look good together, the H5D feels good in the hand.

Controls are well placed although the exposure compensation on the viewfinder seems a bit far away and most controls are right within reach.

The back has an understated button arrangement, four stand-alone buttons, a four-way button and an up-down switch. The rear LCD screen is large and relatively bright, but we found it incredibly difficult to review images on the screen in bright daylight.


The back takes CF cards and can fit about shots on an 8GB Hasselblad H5D-60 Camera Body. We used high-speed Lexar and SanDisc cards and had no problems reading or writing to either. The back also has FireWire connectivity, though none of our test machines any longer have native FW ports.

There is a small popup flash on the top of the H5D body and I generally think that all cameras should have some sort of flash. Operating the H5DC is a much faster experience than previous generations of the system. The back displays images almost instantly, whereas previous systems took several seconds to display an image—too long when trying to wrangle a model or capture a fleeting moment. Buy Hasselblad H5D Medium Format DSLR Camera featuring 60 Body Cap; HVDX Full-frame Hasselblad H5D-60 Camera Body 8GB Compact Flash Memory Card.


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