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AMR modems are dirt cheap it's now Aopen AX34 Pro II to buy them retail - only system integrators could get them at first but they're all "host based modems" that need special drivers in order to work. This means they only work with operating systems that have drivers to suit them - often, just Windows.

And many host based modems have compatibility problems with some other modems. There's no point using the AMR slot for audio, because the AX34 Pro II, unusually for an overclockers' board, includes ACcompliant plain vanilla audio hardware, with the usual couple of inputs and single output on its rear-panel connector block, and on-board connectors for internal sound sources like modems and CD-ROM Aopen AX34 Pro II. Many overclockers, being fanatical gamers, don't want on-board sound - they want their shiny four-output positional audio board. But if you don't like the AC97 sound, you can always disable it.


It clearly doesn't add much to the price of the board. Overclockers also tend to have computers full of fans.

AOpen AX34 Pro II

The Pro II accommodates them with three speed-sensing three-pin fan headers, one of them near the AGP slot for after-market video card coolers. Of course, you can run fans from plain power supply connectors as well; you don't need to Aopen AX34 Pro II any motherboard fan headers if you don't want to.

But with three-wire fans, the headers let system monitoring software keep tabs on the fan speed, which is a handy feature. What you get Unlike the old black AX6BC, the black AX34 comes in a box with a window and a see-through clamshell plastic case, so it Aopen AX34 Pro II look normal even sitting on the shelf. There's also the usual drivers-and-manual CD, that gives you the manual again in Adobe Acrobat format as well as the support software for the board, and a free copy of Norton AntiVirus v6. The only issue is a mechanical one - at by millimetres, this is an unusually large motherboard.


It's got the standard ATX mounting screw holes, but it may be a tight fit in smaller cases. Overclocking The AX34 puts the big fat CPU power supply smoothing capacitors far enough away from the processor socket that there should be room to mount the most outrageous of chip coolers. And you may well have cause to Aopen AX34 Pro II so. Higher voltage means more heat.

AOpen are rather more forward about the overclocking potential of their products than most other manufacturers. This seems simple enough, but changing the FSB also changes the speeds at which other buses in the computer run.

AX34 Pro II AOPEN Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

And very high FSBs - at the moment, MHz still qualifies as "very high" - make large demands on the motherboard design. High speed operation of a complicated piece of electronics full of conductive traces in complex patterns, without interference problems, is tricky.

AOpen say they've paid special attention to Aopen AX34 Pro II high-speed-operation problem, and the board's performance bears this out. Well, you have if it works, anyway. But many of them can get surprisingly close. That doesn't mean it's not worth trying, though.

AOpen AX34 Pro - motherboard - ATX - Socket 370 - Pro133A Specs

There's a good chance it will. As with other Apollo Pro boards, the AX34 lets you run the memory clock at the same speed as the FSB Aopen AX34 Pro II usual setting for other motherboardsor at 33MHz more or less. The latter option actually makes no perceptible difference to system speed - all it does is slightly reduce overall RAM latency, which for desktop tasks achieves three-fifths of nothing in particular. But if your RAM can't Aopen AX34 Pro II it, it doesn't matter with a board like this. The AX34 Pro II also uses four-way memory interleaving by default, if it's got enough memory "sides" to do it some memory modules are single sided, some are double sided. Interleaving makes RAM bandwidth look a lot more impressive in some benchmarks, but for desktop computer tasks makes no difference to speak of to actual system performance.


The FSB steps are, however, quite small enough that you should be able to wind up a MHz FSB CPU about as far as it'll go - which may be considerably further than it could manage on an older motherboard. Spread spectrum's meant to reduce the radio-frequency Aopen AX34 Pro II created by the clock pulses; it seldom seems to make the slightest difference to system performance. Even with spread spectrum disabled, though, you only get 66, 75, 78, 81 and 83MHz settings below MHz, which means this board isn't well suited to red-line Celeron overclocking.

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Then again, quite a few Coppermine Celerons are happy at MHz or even a bit more - with, as usual, a bit more voltage and a chunky cooler - if that's the case with yours, the AX34 Pro II is fine. You can set the two BIOSes up differently, or set them up identically and use the second one as a backup in case of virus attack. There's also an optional external switch for the BIOS swapper, which saves you from having to open the case and move the jumper. AOpen point out, "If you place the switch to the middle, you will not be able to boot your system, thus you can protect Aopen AX34 Pro II data ROM molesting.

Since all the switch does is take over Aopen AX34 Pro II function of the jumper on the three pin header into which it plugs, you could use any dual pole single throw switch to do the same job. The board comes sandwiched in a plastic tray which should keep even the most evil delivery company personnel from hurting your new purchase.

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Inside the tray you will also find some of the best documentation I've seen. Not only does AOpen include the normal manual which is very complete - they also throw in a quick start-up guide that folds out like a map.

AOpen AX34 Pro II Online Manual

You can follow the guide to make sure you Aopen AX34 Pro II your connections properly and be up and running in just minutes. Also in the box are the ATA 80 pin ribbon cable, a normal 40 pin ribbon cable, an extra set of USB ports more laterand the floppy ribbon cable. Five should be Aopen AX34 Pro II industry standard, but more and more manufacturers are trying to get away with only four PCI slots. Review of the AOpen AX34 Pro II PC motherboard. Model, AX34 Pro II. CPU: Socket Support Intel Pentium III, Celeron, VIA C3 CPU FSB MHz.

Chipset: VIA X [Pro A] VIA B. Main Memory.

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