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Here I present all the information I've been able to find on this subject, including detailed information on how to 3Com 3c597 the EISA 3Com 3c card working in Indigo2.


Phobos has been the traditional supplier of such cards; they used to make one for each type of bus, with the GIO64 version being the faster and more expensive model. The latter is roughly half the speed of the G, but it will likely be much cheaper if 3Com 3c597 for sale 2nd-hand. However, the 3Com 3c is a much cheaper equivalent to the Phobos E card and is without doubt the best choice for upgrading an Indigo2 for many people, although being an EISA card it definitely isn't as fast. The 3c will probably average around 3. If you want the best speed, go for the G If your budget is tight, go for the 3c Also note that the G uses up a logical GIO slot, so if you already have two slots used eg. In fact, the E is just a variant of a standard 3Com card, but shipped with Phobos drivers.

The cheapest price I've heard of for a 3c is 1. Thus, visit computer swap-meets or PC 2nd-hand shops and you might find one, and also keep an eye on PC for-sale newsgroups see groups. Actually, without Tony and others thanks go Tony, Gavin Saxby and Sergio this page wouldn't exist since it was they who worked out how to modify the standard Phobos E drivers to make the 3c function in Indigo2.

3Com 3C597-TX Fast Etherlink EISA 10/100Base-TX

If you benefit from this page, feel free to email them with praise. The G isn't made anymore. Phobos might have some in stock, but they're expensive 3Com 3c597 bought directly from Phobos or from a reseller.

Even 2nd-hand ones tend to be expensive since they're much faster than the EISA cards. If you can find such a 3Com 3c597 though, then just download the drivers from Phobos' downloads page and install.

Solved: Driver for 3com 3ctx eisa nic - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

If you can't access their web site, then feel free to download the files from my Depot page. The E is slower than the G, but it will at least therefore 3Com 3c597 cheaper if found 2nd-hand.


The E isn't made anymore. Even 2nd-hand ones 3Com 3c597 to be expensive just because it's an original Phobos card that's for sale. However, don't worry about trying to find an E since there is a much cheaper 3Com 3c597, namely the 3Com 3c The existence of the 3c is the main reason why I've written this page. Just find a 3c eg. Here's how to do it.

Assuming you've found a 3c, install it in the bottom EISA slot underneath the graphics card set. Next, download and install the E 3Com 3c597 from Phobos' download page or from my Depot page. Then download the necessary modified driver and install grab this archive fileunpack and follow the instructions in the README. Lastly, follow 3Com 3c597 instructions given below to setup the card for use as a new primary interface port the README in the archive contains a similar setup summary. Note that if you're using IRIX 5.

Instructions and an appropriate. The trick is to negate the logic of the test so that the test always 3Com 3c597 on a non-Phobos EISA card. I first heard about this idea from my friend Gavin Saxby; he'd been talking to someone called Sergio who was working on modifying the drivers.


Feel free to read Sergio's commentsin which 3Com 3c597 explains how he analysed the Phobos driver library. Meanwhile, Tony Mantler was also looking into this issue; based on Sergio's information, he worked out a more efficient method of altering the drivers and then wrote a simple C program to implement the approach.

3Com Fast EtherLink EISA TX - network adapter Specs

To help in the creation of this page, Tony supplied me with replacement driver libraries ready-compiled for IP22 and IP28 Indigo2s. Later, Steffen Urbanski supplied me with the 5. This is the Fast EtherLink 10/Mbps EISA Network Interface Card for your 10BASE-T or 10BASE-TX network from 3Com 3c597. This dual speed card is the logical. IBM OS/2, Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows or later, Microsoft Windows NT or later, Novell NetWare or 3Com 3c597, UnixWare.

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